New generation
Modular Cold and Freezer Rooms

Suitable for preservation of:


The easy installation has always characterized JKS products. The panels have been designed in order to reduce as much as possible transport freight and installation costs. All cold and freezer room panels are connected together with an hook attachment system. The new Super10 Line introduces corner elements able to make a difference for quality and hygiene.

The installation of all single panels is studied to guarantee an easy, effective and precise positioning of themselves. With this new gain system the cold and freezer rooms will be immediately perpendicular and leveled. Also all future installations will find an easily application. Very important are also the new T floor elements. They assure the thermal separation and allow the installation of the internal partition panels.

Super10 vista alto

New generation structural characteristic


Floorless cold and freezer rooms


Standard hinged door included

cerniera porta

The hinges are easily adjustable
on site in 3 directions.

Montaggio Ganci

Fast and easy assembling
with came lock facility.


Standard floor covered by
antislip Stainless Steel with
an internal reinforcement.