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Our Soul

If I have to do something, I try to do it as well as possible.

In every JKS panel is the soul of our family, the underlying philosophy that has always guided us: the will to do well.

Our commitment has always been to succeed in making something unique, something important not for the economic value, not for money, but for the satisfaction it gives us and our customers.

Satisfaction because it works exactly as expected, it does what we wanted it to do and it does it well, it gives those who bought it everything they needed.

This is our value: if I have to do something I try to do it as well as possible, if I make a cold room, I want it to do its job well and do it for a long time.

It is a quality that I have always shared with my wife and that we have always wanted to pass on to our children.

JKS was also born for this: to teach them the 'Giacon family system': experience and knowledge to make quality products.

Today, if JKS is a consolidated and world-renowned reality, it is also thanks to our children:

  • Jonathan is directly following production,

  • Kevin takes care of the commercial side,

  • Steven is in charge of the company.

Ours is a story of continuous challenges, born from my inability to keep still and the security that my wife and children are always willing to follow me.