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Our Story

Ours is a story of continuous challenges, born from my inability to keep still and the security that my wife and children are always willing to follow me.

In 2005, Tecnodom (another family business, focused on the production of refrigeration equipment), is working well, not yet as well as I would like, but the path is set.

So, instead of starting to live with greater peace of mind, I get invaded by a new project: close to us is a company that produces cold rooms: Refrigeration srl.

Cold rooms are a product I know well, but the company is in deep crisis, on the verge of bankruptcy: it is run from Milan, with 30 administrative employees in the office and 20 in production, a multinational management for a small artisan company.

Here is the new challenge.

In 2006, I took over the old ownership by leasing a business branch and after a year and a half I took over the warehouse, the site of the production plant, buying it at bankruptcy auction with a considerable risk and economic effort that still gives me the shivers.

Since then, we have changed everything to make it economically viable and technologically advanced; previously one of our cold-rooms cost more than a space shuttle and you had to adapt the space where you put it, not vice versa.

We revolutionized the production methodology, created new molds, and designed new types of hooks and joints, to increase quality and simplify assembly as much as possible.

The name became JKS refrigeration, with the initials of my three sons: Jonathan, Kevin, and Steven, who over time became increasingly involved in the company.

Since 2020, we have also been applying refrigeration technologies to other sectors and new areas: Meddom was born as a trademark with this very purpose, to exploit our technological background also in the medical field, further evolving our technological knowledge and capabilities.